i MAKE graphic design for crazy and kool peoples, bands, dj, group, club, sound system… and play dj set to burn your dancefloors.

Raver since the start of 90’s, I developped a passion for acid sounds. I am mostly influenced by Hardfloor, Acrid abeyance, Acid junkies, Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Geezer, DDR, and many more…

Dj Name: Acid2fik
Location: Marseille, FRANCE
Main style: ACID TECHNO
Others styles: acidcore, acid breaks, tribal techno, techno/tech-house.
Music source: Vinyl, digital
Set duration: 2-6 hours

I made my first steps in the djing world in 1998 with the SKWATT6TM Sound System with which I played acid and techno in free paties, teknivals and underground parties.

I started circulating mixtapes at parties and on the internet and was soon invited by other sound systems and promoters to play acid techno dj sets. I have since played in various venues (festivals, squats, clubs…) in France and abroad (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland …).

In order to share my passion, I created acidtekno.com, a website specialized in acid sound. It references all the current information regarding the acid techno scene (vinyl, parties, dj sets and more…).

Forever a vinyl addict, I play acid techno vinyl dj sets but I also play digital sets in various styles such as tribal techno, acid break, techno/tech-house.

Booking request at acid2fik@gmail.com


I work since 20 years in graphic and web design industry, from advertising agencies, web agencies, graphic studio in France (Lyon, Marseille, Toulon).

Freelancer graphic and web designerheavily influenced from Graffiti, streetart, and Comicbook Artwork I create and produce on sereval supports,  illustration, logo, poster, flyer, website, motion design and more for artists, clubs, festivals, labels, djs, music band…