graphic designer and dj techno based to Marseille in FRANCE

With 8 years experience of graphic and web designer in agency and freelance, i can to help you to promote your activity with skills in visual identity and webdesign.

I make, logo, flyer, poster, vinyl cover, website and more with creativity.


Raver since the start of 90’s, I have always been passionated by acid sounds influenced by artists like hardfloor, acrid abeyance, acid junkies, chris liberator, dave the drummer, geezer, ddr, and many more….

My firsts steps to the djing begin in 1998 with the SKWATT6TM Sound System where i played acid and techno in free paties, teknivals and underground parties.

Spreading mixtape acid and techno in parties and by internet i take contact quickly with promoters and sound system who want « ACID TECHNO DJ SET » to play in others parties (festival, squat, club…) in France and others countries (Austria, Belgium,Czech republic, Switzerland, Poland).

In 2009, I create with friends the crew QATARSIX to promote party to Lyon in France, events with differents style and play with artists like DMX KREW, Lukes Anger, Signal electrique, REVO and Friends…..

Like i have big passion for acid sounds, I have created website to spread infos on the acid techno scene (vinyl, parties, dj sets and more…) that you can to visit here : acidtekno.com

Always influenced by acid sound i can’t to stop to play this style and bring it on different way of djing like break music and tech-house.

You can to listen differents dj sets in my website and feel free to contact me for a booking in your event




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